A Child Abuse Arrest Unveiled a Lost PlayPen Member

Christian L. has been in the news before—for crimes against children too—but only recently did the ZIT make the connection between evidence from the FBI and their own investigation. Or so they would have the public believe. The most recent and ultimate arrest made waves in Germany. In September 2017, German authorities arrested the 39-year-old and his 47-year-old partner, Berrin T., for the sexual abuse of a boy no older than nine years old. Berrin T. was the boy’s mother.
As if child abuse failed to satisfy the couple’s needs—and it clearly did—Christian and Berrin took the abuse to an entirely unexpected level. The police discovered the duo had been “selling” the child to pedophiles on the darknet. Selling may be the term used by the police, but in reality, the partners in crime treated the nine-year-old like he was a prostitute, making them his pimps. The boy had no opportunities to opt out of the abuse, though.
After receiving a tip from an unknown party, the police broke up what Georg Ungefuk, a ZIT spokesman, called the “first case of money being traded for sexual abuse at this scale in Germany.” So far, the police have apprehended eight pedophiles who contacted the duo over the darknet and later raped the child.

With regards to the underground universe of the darknet, finding out about the police busting another youngster abuser through posts on shrouded gatherings isn’t exceptional. Because of a portion of the later activities by universal law implementation organizations, the captures have just been expanding in recurrence. However, a few cases are more novel than others—such is the situation of a 39-year-old German man named Christian L. who both physically manhandled youngsters and religiously utilized the essentially English-talking kid sex entertainment discussion known as “PlayPen”.

Not at all like by far most of ongoing cases including German kid abusers, Christian L’s. case had no immediate connection to the as of late held onto youngster erotic entertainment gathering “Elysium”. Furthermore, as one may expect, the case didn’t touch base at the Frankfurt Attorney General’s Office however the Central Office for Combating Cybercrime (ZIT). The case originated from the United States’ Operation Playpen that the FBI fundamentally butchered in 2015.

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